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- Car Battery-

  •      With Summer just kicking off, there is no better way than celebrating this July 4th Weekend by feeding the eels for the lulz. In the spirit of doing as our forefathers did by throwing a Car Battery in ocean. If you don't got one, you're in luck just play my latest track on your devices while on a boat and toss it in the water and you too can contribute in the fight against Reverse Global Warming!

- unrememeren -

  •      I made this a few months ago, but recently decided to finish it up and just put it out.  Figure why keep working on things and not doing anything with it?  It would be better to get some feedback and see what others think.  I don't have access to my monitors at the moment so I'm not sure if it's to loud or not loud enough.  It does however sound fine through my headphones.

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- New Layout -

  •      After many years of using Webs as the host for my website (which originally started as a Freewebs site, lawl yeah it's that old).  The day came when either a merger or complete company buyout happened with VistaPrint.  While my layout and pages were completely transferred over to the new Site Builder.  Not everything translated well.  So I've cut down my site to the bare basics as I learn how to use this new site builder.

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