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  It's Been Awhile, I'm Pretty Rusty
WTF is that?      So which of you are ready for me to bust my art on 120 of these hojas¿
- See Full Threat Back in Tweetietnam -

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TNT Fireworks      Getting ready for July 4th early, with $800 worth of Freedom!
     Head there and BOGO for the lulz!
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  Florida Gun Expo
Florida Gun Expo      Went to another Gun-Show today, might go back for day two tomorrow. It's right by me, so we'll see. Either way, definitely gonna hit up the range for the lulz.
June 12 - 13th, 2021
     Head over to my Twatter for more pew-pew¡
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#Drugrug      I had to bust out this bad boi last night once it dropped bellow 75° ...yeah, apparently that's cold for me now¡

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  Oh shit, look at this!
Sunburn      So today on May 2, 2021. I finally got one of them coveted #sunburn, lawl.

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  Getting #FUCKiNripped
Wu-Tang Sweat       I'm going Bawlz to the Lawlz and getting #FUCKiNripped foar teh lulz.

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  Practice Safe Sax
Practice Safe Sax       Oh lawl, here's my second track release of 2020. One with purpose, one with meaning, one with a saxophone in it for the lulz!

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  iRon 5hawYk3r - Original Track
iRon 5hawYk3r - Artwork       Oh lawl, I did a thing! Now you can have something to yell with while panic buying toilet paper! Or when you start going stircrazy in your home.
      This is my 4th released Original Track, and first of 2020.

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Bawlz to the Lawlz

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