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  Chaz PsyKoticz

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     Chaz is Brooklyn born Turntablist creating #DiGiTALiNSANiTY in and outside NYC. With a love for Hardcore EDM and Speedcore. So be ready to go Thermalnuclear with Atomic Levels of Techno! Having technical deck skills and an ever-growing library of sound that will melt your face off, leaving you questioning your very existence! Every set is played on the spot, to ensure every single performance is a one of a kind experience that will send you into oblivion…
       During his early musical career, he would get his start as an MC in the NYC Underground Music Scene. Where in 2010 he would get his first residency with Brooklyn based event company NuOrder. It wouldn’t be to long before Chaz would share the stage to hype up crowds for Rob Gee, Lenny Dee, DJ E-RAYzor, Delirium, and MC for massive Warehouse Parties, various Nocturnal Rituals by Paradox Productions. While MC’ing Chaz would notably be the official MC for DJ Wink-E and DJ John Bas, and various local companies in the early 2010’s before moving his focus more onto DJing.
       As a DJ Chaz pulls much inspiration from past experiences from sounds he’s heard throughout his life, and the feeling that he’s gotten from live performances. But this wasn’t always the case, before getting into mixing music Chaz wasn’t that interested in DJ’ing at all. Spending most of his time just enjoying the party and clubs in the mid 2000’s. Despite his friends starting to get into the DJ aspect of it. As a MIDI Control would make the rounds from one friend to the next would end up in his hands. It would still take awhile, till DJ H4RDNoX (then Sir-Drinks-A-Lot) would set him up with Traktor Pro and Stockpile of Tracks of various Hard Dance Genres. While fiddling around with it one rainy day he would start playing with the pitch bender causing the sound to warp. It was as if a door would open for him unlike ever before…completely changed his mind on DJ’ing, it was no longer going from one song to the next. A new-found interest in what this machine could do to the tracks themselves became an obsession. This would make him pick up music that wasn’t typical music to be mixed for dancing. Taking rock and metal albums, and just manipulating the sound, adding effects, and warping. Trying to make it sound different. While doing so, he would play Techno, Eurodance, House, and Freestyle live…but it just wasn’t enough. Slowly his playing style would veer more into Hard Dance Music with Hardstyle and UK Hardcore. But it just wasn’t quite what he wanted to hear. The craving to want music that was aggressive just wasn’t there, that feeling was not met until being exposed to Hardcore and Gabber. This is where the freedom to express and play the sounds that he really wanted to hear started to form. As things got harder, the music got crazier! This would lead into Speedcore and a joy in terror like no other!
       After a few years of embracing this type of music, he would start working on production of his own music based on his mixing style. While still in its early development, learning how to make and capture these sounds started to become some of the best parts of this journey. But the journey is not over, this leg of musical adventure has just started.
       Outside of music, Chaz is just normal guy living his life doing his thing. He likes to draw, and work on various art projects, fan of video games, the internet, and memes. Likes to have a good time, and hangout with his family and friends. His family has a musical and sporting background, as well as his brother SalviTone. Long before the music Chaz has had quite the Hardcore and Ultraviolent Past in Professional Wrestling with stints in the independent circuit into the early 2010’s, but that’s a story for another time. What will the future hold, only one way to find out! But first pull out the horse tranquilizers, because its time for some Techno!
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