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  UPENDOUN (2010)
     This was my first Demo Released back in 2010. I’ve never released UPENDOWN as Downloadable Digital Content Online, nor do I have it Streaming Anywhere. The only way to get your hands on this demo today is to find it at a show I’m attending or playing at…I’ll randomly place a few around.
     Happy Rave and Go Seek Party People!

This Mix Was Made With the Use Of;
– NuMark Stealth Control
– Traktor Pro
– Recorded with Traktor Pro

Highlight Bellow for Tracklist AKA Mix Spoilers

01. All I Ever Wanted - Basshunter
02. I Will Belive It (Happy Hardcore Remix) - DJ Tempo
03. ????
04. Welcome (05 Mix) - Hixxy & UFO
05. Everytime We Touch - Cascada
06. Time After Time - DJ Hixxy
07. Lucky (Hot Stuff Mix Short) - Lucky Twice
08. Raver Fantasy (Rave Mix) - Tune Up!
09. Forever (Hixxy Remix) - N-Trance
10. ????
11. Ghetto Mentality - Alien T
12. Screwdriver - Korsakoff & Day-Mar
13. Fuckin' Psycho - Angerfist
14. ????
15. ????
16. Subsonic - Headhunterz
17. Floorspin - Dutch Master
18. The Reward is Cheese - Deadau5 VS. Jelo
19. Chainsaw Bass (Bounce Mix) - Gammer
20. Have You Ever Been Mellow (Radio Edit) - Tune Up!
21. I'm a Raver Baby - ????

Enjoy the #DigitalInsanity \m/