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  Thinking of Nonsense (2012)
      Thinking of Nonsense is my 4th Demo Installment...and highly considered as a flagpole set with straight forward technical mixing with no effects to help or create transitions, just classic tech deck work that will showcased my current skills that would make you question your sanity on the dance floor! Featuring; Straight-Up Hardcore Techno from start to finish. With a good solid mix between new and old tracks from Mainstyle, Gabber, Speedcore, and more all aggressively put together in a way that will not only blow the roof off but open a pit at any moment! Make sure you open the windows for everyone to hear the Digital Insanity coming out of your speakers!

This Mix Was Made With the Use Of;
– Numark Stealth Control
– Traktor Pro
– Recorded with Traktor Pro

Highlight Bellow for Tracklist AKA Mix Spoilers

01 - Abduction - Endymion
02 - This is Your Night - The Executer & Ofearia Ft. MC Wreckaw & Human Resource
03 - Remixen - by DJ Skinhead
04 - Shitty Rave Music - by AngerFist
05 - NYC Speedcore - by D.o.A.
06 - Sex, Drugs, Gabberhouse - Rob Gee
07 - ?????
08 - ?????
09 - ?????
10 - This Never Happened - The Outside Agency & Forbidden Society
11 - None of Ya Left (Evil Activities Remix) - Neophyte
12 - YES (Zoonptokkiedrokz) - Angerfist
13 - Fuckin' Hostile (The Outside Agency Remix) - Lenny Dee
14 - Welcme to the Killzone - N Vitral
15 - Barrier Break - Diesel Boy & Kaos
16 - ?????
17 - Unpredictable - Nosferatu

Enjoy the #DigitalInsanity \m/
  Demo Info & Features
Hardcopy Demo Features:
– Single Track "Thinking of Nonsense" Demo CD
– Bonus Content
– Hand-Drawn Artwork on CD Case

How to Order:
– If you would like a Hardcopy Demo with Hand-Drawn Artwork contact [email protected] about this demo and more.
– Each Demo is 1 for $3, 2 for $5, and 5 for $10 (unless specified otherwise).
– All costs cover Shipping, Labour, Artwork and Supplies.
– Hand-Drawn Artwork (look, & color) itself may vary.
– You can order the same demo, or any other one for deals.
– Check Each Demo, for their Individual Features.