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FTW Overdrive
Episode 3
Part 1
FTW Overdrive
Episode 3
Part 2
FTW Overdrive
Episode 1
Part 1
FTW Overdrive
Episode 1
Part 2
FTW Overdrive
Episode 1
Part 3
FTW Overdrive
Episdoe 2
Part 2
March 14, 2008
F#%K the World Wrestling
Port Jefferson Station, New York
@ Polish American Independent Club
Official Website | MySpace
Road to Gold
DVD Promo
Match 1: Tag-Team (FTW Overdrive E3 - Part 1 - Part 2)
All Money is Legal VS. Team New Era

Match 2: Smash Your A$$ Battle Royale
Last 4 men will compete later that night in Fatal 4 Way
  1. The Rockstar
  2. MwhyWC (Icky Rodz (REZ), Mikey Shitwrecked (Chaz), Weird'Yo, PyRo)
  3. Jim Sullivan
  4. Danny Demanto
  5. Low Life Louie
  6. Lenn Oddity
  7. Kryptic Keegan
  8. The BQE (Grim Reefer & Jay Lover)
  9. Earl Cooter
  10. Alumni Club
  11. Javi-Air
  12. Sabu
Battle Royal Entries Needs to be finalized
Match 3: New York Street Fight (FTW Overdrive E1 - Part 1 - Part 2)
Lenn Oddity VS. Low Life Louie

Intermission Performance By The Band Altamonte
Followed by Roxie Cotton coming out to the ring ready to face her opponent...but they had chickened out of being there thus further frustrating her since her purse was stolen within the locker room. Then Jay Lover along with Don Tony comes out and states he was the one who stole Roxie’s purse and what he found inside of it was quite disturbing. A used pregnancy test and a wad of used up condoms. Insulted, Roxie slapped Jay Lover for stealing her purse. In turn, Lover took out Roxie with a DDT. Just as that out comes the FTW Super Hero the Purple People Beater to save the day!
Impromptu Match: Hardcore
Jay Lover VS. Purple People Beater

Match 5: Falls Count Anywhere? (FTW Overdrive E1 - Part 2 - Part 3)
Javi-Air VS. Kryptic Keegan
A last minute change as Azrieal was unable to make the show. He was replaced by FTW newcomer Kryptic Keegan
Match 6: Tag-Team
Alumni Club VS. Brian Anthony & Mystery Partner ("Fashionable" Kristian Frost)
Main Event: Fatal 4 Way Elimination Match (FTW Overdrive E2 - Part 2)
Last 2 Men remaining advance to the Finals of the Road To Gold Tournament at FTW's next event "End of the Beginning"
Jim Sullivan VS. Danny Demanto VS. Grim Reefer VS. Sabu