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August 22, 2005
Insane Backyard Wrestling
Brooklyn, New York
CLICK HERE for Photos By: Snookiez Inc. © 2005 All Rights Reserved
Things really started to heat up at IBW, with the first ever Cage Match in IBW History. The bad blood is shed as "Hardcore" Chris comes back after his mother's death, only to have rival IBW Member Mike laugh in his face at his loss.

Match 1: No Way Out Cage Match for IBW Hardcore Championship
Craze VS. PyRo
Match 2: #1 Contender Match for the IBW Hardcore Championship
"Flatline Champion" Chaz VS. Doctor Crock
"Hardcore" Chris calls out Mike for a shot at the IBW World Championship in a Grudge Match for his reactions to his mother.
Grudge Match: IBW World Championship
Mike VS. "Hardcore" Chris