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  Straight-Up Noize (2011)

      “Straight-Up Noize” is my 2nd Demo Release, and during the recording of this mix I knew what my calling was…and that calling was to make Straight-Up Noize! Using Hardcore Techno, I finally felt free and able to mix comfortably. During the mixing of this I felt like all the weight was lifted off of me and I was allowed to do what I wanted to do, no matter how weird it was. Something just happened that day when my hands touched that controller…and everything clicked for me! There was a moment of change, and Straight-Up Noize was the key that unlocked the doorway to #DigitalInsanity!
      But the journey wasn’t over there…no, no, no. I haven’t even reached the top of the mountain…I simply just discovered the mountain that I have to louder my way up and drop the bass off of!
      This mix was my first upload and Free Downloadable Content on Soundcloud…and was open for download till the release of “Reflecting on a PsyKotic Fantasy” was recorded…and was removed to make way for its debut. But due to an unforeseen occurrence that mix was unable to be posted (which I’ll not get into). Since then “Straight-Up Noize” will no longer be available through an Online Digital Download source. However you can still stream this mix via Mixcloud anytime you want, or Order a Hardcopy and enjoy the insanity!

This Mix Was Made With the Use Of;
– NuMark Stealth Control
– Traktor Pro
– Recorded with Traktor Pro

Highlight Bellow for Tracklist AKA Mix Spoilers

01. Madness (Delta 9 Remix) - Skazi
02. Bottle - The Wishmaster
03. No Time to Waste (Viper's Black Remix) [Defcon1 2010 Anthem] - Wildstylez
04. Screwdriver - Korsakoff and Day-Mar
05. Fuckin' Psycho -Angerfist
06. Fuckin' Sacrilege (SRB Remix) - Dione
07. Violent Outburst - Forbidden Society and Delta9
08. Double Dutch Darkies (RAW Mix) - TNT
09. Gas Met Die Zooi (Remix T) - Angerfist
10. ?????
11. ?????
12. Great Success (With Neophyte) - Tha Playah
13. Speedcore Qlimax - Qlimax
14. Hard Attack (Lenny Dee VS. Delta9)
15. Unpredictable - Nosferatu

Enjoy the #DigitalInsanity \m/
  Demo Info & Features
Hardcopy Demo Features:
– Single Track "Straight-Up Noize" Demo CD
– Hand-Drawn Artwork on CD Case (View Sample)

How to Order:
– If you would like a Hardcopy Demo with Hand-Drawn Artwork contact [email protected] about this demo and more.
– Each Demo is 1 for $3, 2 for $5, and 5 for $10 (unless specified otherwise).
– All costs cover Shipping, Labour, Artwork and Supplies.
– Hand-Drawn Artwork (look, & color) itself may vary.
– You can order the same demo, or any other one for deals.
– Check Each Demo, for their Individual Features.